Lighting up lives! – Solektra Transforms Iwawa Island with 27 Kwp Solar Energy System

Solektra Transforms Iwawa Island with 27 Kwp Solar Energy System.

Iwawa Island, In a remarkable feat of sustainable engineering, Solektra has successfully implemented a cutting-edge 27 Kwp solar energy system on Iwawa Island. This monumental achievement was realized in two distinct phases, marking a significant milestone in the island’s journey towards a greener, more energy-efficient future. During the initial phase of the project, Solektra focused on the supply and installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels. These state-of-the-art panels were seamlessly integrated with the island’s pre-existing 19 Kwp infrastructure, optimizing the utilization of existing resources. This integration not only reduced costs but also minimized environmental impact, underlining Solektra’s commitment to eco-friendly solutions.

The second phase of the project saw Solektra adding the remaining battery backup, enhancing the island’s existing battery bank. This critical addition ensures uninterrupted power supply, even during cloudy days or at night, making Iwawa Island more resilient and self-reliant in terms of energy generation. The collective efforts of Solektra have resulted in the entire island now enjoying a sustainable and efficient power source, boasting an impressive total capacity of 46 Kwp, exclusively derived from solar energy. This substantial increase in energy capacity not only meets the current needs of the island’s residents but also lays the foundation for future growth and development.

The successful implementation of the 27 Kwp solar energy system on Iwawa Island serves as a shining example of what can be achieved through innovative and eco-conscious solutions. Solektra’s dedication to renewable energy and sustainability has not only transformed the island’s energy landscape but also brought it one step closer to a brighter, cleaner, and more prosperous future. For more information about this groundbreaking project and Solektra’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions, please visit

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